BCM241 Assessment 2: Reflection (Kristin Campbell)

My blog post for BCM241 Media, Audience, an Place assessment task 2. Reflection on the development of my public writing practice, and useful of audience research methods.


Hide and Seek

In our everyday lives media, audience, and place interconnect. This is especially evident in the location services of apps and social media platforms . ‘Pokémon Go’, for example, demonstrates this interconnection as it uses the players location to provide them with location-specific in-game features. In Pokémon Go, location-based augmented reality is frequently used. Augmented reality… Continue reading Hide and Seek

BCM212, BCM212 Reflection

Reflection on Research Engagement and Communication Strategy

In this assessment, I chose to use a combination of secondary and primary (interviews and a survey) research. This methodological choice had various implication. In interviews participants gave me more in-depth answers, and often explored related tangents; providing additional data. My survey was also beneficial in providing easily analysed statistical data which could visually aid… Continue reading Reflection on Research Engagement and Communication Strategy