Meddlesome Media

The Media is a consuming factor of modern-day life; heavily influencing aspects of our social, political and economic every-day dynamics, but who actually owns this mass communication device? The ACMA's media interests snapshot (above) shows the majority of media ownership and control in Australia to be attributed to a select few individuals. This monopoly over… Continue reading Meddlesome Media


Keira Knightley’s Topless Protest Against Photoshopping

Keira Knightley's unedited, topless photo-shoot for 'Interview Magazine' boldly protested against photo-shopping after the unexplained enhancement of her breasts for promotional posters of “King Arthur”. Despite the image's controversy, the connotations (signifieds) of Knightley's proud display of her unedited appearance (especially after her previous shoot with Interview Magazine – to the right) went a long… Continue reading Keira Knightley’s Topless Protest Against Photoshopping


Anti-Social Media

Social media's dense networking and ease of international connection has connected humanity like never before; ensuring common knowledge of international/national affairs, and the opportunity to rally for or against them in a powerfully unified voice. Nonetheless, social studies encouraged by anxieties concerning our increasing dependence on social media, indicate possible negative repercussions to our 'real-life'… Continue reading Anti-Social Media