Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire

Hi! My name’s Kristin, and I’m a first year in a double degree of Communication media and Arts.

I literally must have started this blog about a hundred times only to decide after two lines that I completely hated what I had written. However, after considering the past 12 hours I’ve spent procrastinating (via Netflix, of course), I figured I should give it a shot.

So, why am I here? Well.

I always grew up with the impression of an unlimited horizon. It was to my understanding that I could be whatever I wanted; from the very grave obligation of a fairy princess at five years-old to the exciting prospect of a criminology expert/ ASIO spy at thirteen (admittedly after one too many hours spent watching ‘Criminal Minds’). However when the time came around in Year Eleven to actually start making defining, serious choices about my future it seemed I was at an impasse of sorts. All I knew was that when I left High School, I didn’t want to simply do a course that would fill the requirements and hopefully get me a job (although I probably wouldn’t mind that either). I wanted to do something that I loved; something that inspired me and would continuously challenge me. The best piece of advice I got regarding which being to “do what you’re good at”. Understandably not the most encouraging advice to give a very confused, very anxious seventeen year-old kid, who believed the courses she chose for the next four-and-a-half years would define her days until she was old and grey.

It was only many university visits and consultations with the all knowing Grandmother later, that I in fact discovered that my university life didn’t have to include Pythagoras or Hamlet if I didn’t want it to. That whole “do what you’re good at” thing finally started making sense. I noticed that in school I had acquired a certain pattern in my favourite subjects. I had a tendency towards topics that allowed me to deconstruct and create whilst utilising an analytical way of thinking; topics I could then apply to the world around me. Hence, what could be more appealing than the deconstruction, analysis and manipulation of our contextual setting’s number one communication tool? I was instantly intrigued by the seemingly infinite possibilities of this course and it’s possible prospects in a career filled with innovation and creation. Thus, despite immediate concerns over textbooks, referencing and tripping over things/slightly agitated older students whilst looking down at a campus map, I am super excited I am here, and super excited to get started!!!

Well, here it goes and thanks for reading!!!!

– Kristin Campbell


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