BCM212 Assessment 2: Project Design and Management

Upon starting this assignment, I realised my original question was too broad. The new question I will be researching for this project will be ‘How do memes influence our reception of information about social issues, and how do they allow us to respond to this information?’. Although many sources I found discussed memes mainly in a political enhanced-13355-1444416012-4context, they will still be useful in their analysis of the fundamental characteristics of memes that are discussed which are just as relevant in the discussion of social issues. So far, all the sources I plan to use have been proven reliable and valuable. I have additionally determined I will use Interviews and surveys to gather primary data. To gain participants I have provided a link to my survey on Twitter providing my contact details should anyone wish to participate. After a few weeks, I will begin analysing the data I have collected. There are also various ways I intend to keep my participant’s and stakeholder’s informed of my project’s progress.

On Twitter, I will periodically provide updates on my research, and what stage of the a-great-message-about-gender-equality-the-super-bowl-ads-5739447project I am on. However, due to Twitter’s character limits these updates will primarily just summarise my progress. This blog will be my second communication channel to inform stakeholders and participants. Each fortnight I will provide a 250 to 300-word elaboration of my tweet. This blog post may include; my project’s progress, what stage it is up to, the subject matter of this stage, any additional interesting or important facts or information, and so on. Additionally, I will continually place particular emphasis on any information I have discovered which shows the reflexivity of this research project to my stakeholders and participants personally. This will also allow me to keep my participants and stakeholders engaged in my research.

If you want to check out my survey the link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G8JKGY2

My Twitter handle is: @KrisSeacucumber

And if you would like to participate in the interviews I am conducting for this project, please contact me via my UOW email: kac864@uowmail.edu.au


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