BCM212, BCM212 Assessment Communication Updates

BCM212 Research Project: Communication Update 1

This is the first update of my communication plan for my research project. So far, my research project’s progress is on schedule, and a re-analysis of my readings has assured me of their reliability. I have additionally conducted all my interviews, and analysed the data from my online survey (which has now been closed). I have discovered multiple interesting results while collating this information. Through my interviews, for example, I discovered a general agreement that memes allow for a wide audience, and engage this audience through aspects such as succinctness, relatability, humour, and an easily understood form. In my interviews, it was also agreed upon that memes are a good way to communicate information about social issues. Not only was this shown in the way my participants viewed these attributes as making memes a more accessible, favourable news platform, but also in the sense that the viral nature of memes allowed for a much faster spread of this information. Throughout my interviews, there also seemed to be a consensus that memes provided a more accessible platform for receiving and reacting to information about social issues in society, which can serve as a form of social critique, protest and rhetoric on these issues, and are an effective way to extend and engage debate about these issues. A similar trend was seen in the responses given by my participants in my survey. 93% of people agreed that memes are a platform for every-day people to express their opinions about social issues, the same number of participants concurrently regarding them to be a more accessible platform than traditional news platforms. Furthermore, 71% concurred that seeing a humorous meme about an issue (such as the ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Trump inauguration video) would encourage them to research the issue further.


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