BCM212, BCM212 Assessment Communication Updates

BCM212 Research Project: Communication Update 2

This is my second communication update for the stakeholders and participants that are interested in the progress of my research project. This project is investigating the question ‘How Do Memes Influence Our Reception of Information About Social Issues, And How Do They Allow Us to Respond to This Information?’. At this point, my project is running according to the timeline I made in assessment two. As I have already collated the data from the participants of my surveys and interviews, I am now currently in the process of actually writing the final report containing my research and findings! So far, my risk matrix has remained accurate in the sense that I predicted my studies from other subjects would become more pressing at this point in time, but due to the precautions and time designations I have mapped out for this project, everything seems to remain on schedule and unaffected by my other commitments. The primary research I have conducted, and the secondary information I have obtained through my research of academic articles and other sources, have aided me a great deal in coming to a conclusion about how memes affect our reception of information about social issues, and how they allow us to respond to this information. In this research, I have noticed that there is a general correlation in the opinions of my own participants, and the majority of the authors I have been studying. This has been a largely positive aspect as it has allowed for a consistency in results which seems to indicate relatively clear conclusions. However, opposing opinions represented by my other participants and the additional authors whose works I have been researching, ensure a diversity in evidence and opinions which has maintained a level of diversity in my research.


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