BCM212, BCM212 Assessment Communication Updates

BCM212 Research Project: Communication Update 3

This is my third, and final, communication update for the stakeholders of my research project. Whilst writing this report, my time management plan was extremely helpful. It aided in keeping me on track with my tasks and ensured I was not overwhelmed with too many tasks at once. I have now completed this assignment. After my last post on WordPress, I completed my report, wrote my reflection, and edited these components. Each of these tasks were completed on schedule, leaving the half a week I had put aside for risk management unused other than for shortening my findings.  Writing this report was a relatively good experience as there was no major difficulties faced which were not compensated for by the risk management plan and risk-matrix I had devised in part two of this assignment. However, there were two major risks/difficulties which I did encounter. One of these was the risk of interference from study commitments to other subjects. Whilst this was compensated for with my risk-management plan, it remained a pressing issue as the workload from other study commitments was still relatively large. However, I found that in planning a specific weekly schedule which would fit this assignment in with my other subjects, I managed to escape this risk having any predominate effect on my time-management or the report itself. However, I did face unanticipated difficulty in the need to shorted my report after I had finished writing and editing it. This was one risk I had not accounted for, as I originally found it unlikely I would over-write my findings. Thus, here I had to use the 0.5 weeks reserved for risk management to reduce my 6000-word report to 1500 words. Despite this unexpected problem, my report was finished and submitted on time without too much trouble or concern.


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