Music and Resistance

Music is one of the most common forms of social and political resistance. Barrett states that “powerful songs have always been the engine behind the greatest social movements” (2014 para.10). Music has often lead to political/social resistance and reforms. In the 1970’s Afro Beat music protested the oil company regime of Nigeria, and rallied against… Continue reading Music and Resistance


Internationalising Education and Cultural Competence

“International education is not the rich intercultural experience it could be” (Marginson 2012).   Lack of interaction between international and local students, cultural misunderstandings and communication difficulties contribute greatly to this. Australian colloquialisms, for instance, often exclude international students accustomed to formal English (Kell and Vogl 2006, p.5). Furthermore, the Australian drinking culture makes interaction… Continue reading Internationalising Education and Cultural Competence