Collaboration or Collation?

A blog about the need to consider the ethical and moral implications of ethnography.

BCM212, BCM212 Assessment Communication Updates

BCM212 Research Project: Communication Update 2

This is my second communication update for the stakeholders and participants that are interested in the progress of my research project. This project is investigating the question ‘How Do Memes Influence Our Reception of Information About Social Issues, And How Do They Allow Us to Respond to This Information?’. At this point, my project is… Continue reading BCM212 Research Project: Communication Update 2


Anti-Social Media

Social media's dense networking and ease of international connection has connected humanity like never before; ensuring common knowledge of international/national affairs, and the opportunity to rally for or against them in a powerfully unified voice. Nonetheless, social studies encouraged by anxieties concerning our increasing dependence on social media, indicate possible negative repercussions to our 'real-life'… Continue reading Anti-Social Media